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Automatic double cut divider



Additional Info

Automating the process of dough processing is possible. The automatic double cut divider helps you to cut raw dough  in smaller parts, shape is the same weight. Make your job faster with SQ 2TA.

The technical features

  • hydraulic handling;
  • double acting cylinder for press and cut phase;
  • cylinder for opening the lid;
  • control panel for time adjustment;
  • selection of cutting type;
  • knob cleaning button;
  • memory of 10 programs;
  • language configuration;
  • dimensions: 605x1095x655 mm;
  • weight: 205 Kg;
  • power supply with 400 Volt 50 Hz connection in 3 phases.

2 models of automatic double cut divider

How many cuts do you want to get from your dough?

Choose SQ 2T To 10/20 to get 10 or 20 divisions.

Weight: from 300 to 1,800 g / from 150 to 900 gr.

Capacity: 18 Kg.

Choose SQ 2T To 12/24 to get 12 or 24 divisions.

Weight: from 250 to 1,500 g / from 130 to 750 gr.

Capacity: 18 Kg.

Choose SQ 2T To 15/30 to get 15 or 30 divisions.

Weight: 200 to 1200 gr / 100 to 600 gr.

Capacity: 18 Kg.

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For more details on the operation of SQ 2TA, continue to read and find out how easy it is to use it.

6 easy steps to use 2TA square divider

  1. Insert the product into the bowl;
  2. Set working times (pressed and cut);
  3. Choose the type of cut;
  4. Close the lid and wait for the press and cut execution;
  5. Wait for the automatic opening of the cover;
  6. Remove the pieces of cut dough.

SQ 2TA is manufactured in Italy according to the current CE regulations. The materials used guarantee the quality of the equipment and practicality in cleaning operations. For example, stainless steels, varnished coatings, polyethylene PE500 and PETG plates can be cleaned with soap and neutral detergent. Then proceed with an abundant rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

Do not postpone again, choose the model you like and go ahead now.


Additional information

Weight 90 kg

10-20, 15-30