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Automatic dough divider rounder


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Cut a piece of raw pasta into small pieces to make it weight balls and the same shape takes a few seconds. With SPA A, automatic dough divider rounder is possible.

The hydraulic handling unit SPA A has a control panel with commands that regulate each stage of machining and allows to store up to 10 different programs. SPA A has stainless steel frame, coverings, bowls and knives.

Technical characteristics of the automatic dough divider rounder

  • 2 cylinders for the pressed phase;
  • 1 cylinder for cutting;
  • 1 for rounding;
  • 3 swinging plates rolling the cut pieces and creating pasta balls;
  • cleaning knives knives;
  • multilingual programming;
  • Standard power supply (connection in 400 Volt 50 Hz 3 phases).

The cycle of work

Use the automatic SPA A dough divider rounder is easy. Enter the dish manually, set the working time and start the work with the Start button. At the end of the cycle, you will have ready-to-use dough  balls directly on the plate.

Caring for the machine

Use soapy water or detergent to clean your SPA A, then rinse abundantly and dry with a soft cloth. A regular and accurate cure of the automatic dough divider rounder guarantees its long life and smooth operation.

SPA A is availabe in 8 models

An automatic splitting machine from 15 to 52 divisions, depending on the number of dough balls it can prepare.


automatic dough divider rounder

The accessories

  1. 1. Plate for rounding cutter;
  2. 2. Stainless steel version supplement.

Dimensions :

spezzatrice arrotondatrice automatica dimensioni

Choose SPA A for yourself, depending on your preparation needs.

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Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Divisions ( n. of dough balls)

15, 22, 30, 30small, 36, 52