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Automatic hexagonal dough divider


Additional Info

Pasta processing requires care and accuracy, so we recommend the automatic hexagonal dough divider. Use the SE A machine to cut a raw dough  piece into smaller pieces of shape and equal weight.

It is available in 3 models, each with a different capacity.

Choose the automatic hexagonal dough divider that fits your needs

IF A – 19 divisions

Weight: 90/300 gr.

Capacity: 1.5 / 6 Kg.

IF A – 37 divisions

Weight: 30/130 gr.

Capacity: 1.1 / 4.8 Kg.

SE A – 37 divisions medium

Weight: 40/150 gr.

Capacity: 1.5 / 5.5 Kg.

Put in the cart the option that adds quality to the product: Version Stainless Steel supplement.

Technical features

Hydraulic handling machine.

1 double acting cylinder for the press and cutting.

Control panel for adjusting the press and cut time.

1 knob cleaning button.

Memory up to 9 programs.

Electrical connection: 400 Volt 50 Hz 3 phases. (On request, you can do different voltages.)

Dimensions: 605 x 1095 x 655.

Weight: 205 Kg.

How do you use the automatic hexagonal dough divider?

The operation of the SE A machine is guaranteed by the certified quality materials used in the production made in Italy.

The cycle of work in 6 steps

  1. 1. Insert the product into the bowl;
  2. 2. Set working times (pressed and cut);
  3. 3. Close the cover;
  4. 4. wait for the machine to terminate the press and cut phases;
  5. 5. manually open the cover;
  6. 6. Remove pieces of cut dough.

Tips for effective and durable use of SE A breaker

  • It facilitates the uniform distribution of the dough in the bowl, flourishing the inside of the pan and the paste intended for the press and cutting. In this way, after processing the product, you will get pieces of pasta well separated from each other.
  • Taking care of the equipment periodically will keep you functioning, so that it is always optimal. We recommend that you clean the internal and external parts of the splitter following the instructions in the operating manual.

Using the automatic hexagonal dough divider is advantageous for your work. Proceed now with the purchase.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg

1,1/4,8Kg, 1,5/5,5Kg, 1,5/6Kg