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Automatic square dough divider


Additional Info


Automatic square dough divider SQ A is a machine for cutting raw dough  in different parts, small and large, with the same shape and weight depending on the model.

You need to have the right equipment for dough  making. With the hydraulic handling SQ A machine, you have a control panel for adjusting the pressing and cutting phases. The materials used and the breaker efficiency are guaranteed by current EC regulations.

The technical features

  • double acting cylinder for press and cut phase;
  • cylinder for opening the lid;
  • knob cleaning button;
  • 10 memorable programs;
  • multilingual option;
  • standard power supply with 400 Volt 50 Hz connection 3 phases;
  • electro galvanized steel frame;
  • painted steel or stainless steel coatings;
  • stainless steel tanks and knives 304.

The automatic square dough divider SQ A in 8 models

Technical data

Dimensions: 605x1095x655 mm.

Weight: 205 Kg

Choose according to the amount of pieces of cut dough (divisions) you want to get for each working cycle. The weight indicated for each machine may vary depending on the degree of leavening.

SQ A 20 divisions

Weight: 150/800 gr

Capacity: 3/16 Kg


SQ A 30 divisions

Weight: 90/530 gr

Capacity: 3/16 Kg


SQ A 20m divisions

Weight: 150/1000 gr

Capacity: 3/20 Kg


SQ At 30m divisions

Weight: 90/630 gr

Capacity: 3/20 Kg


SQ A 20s divisions

Weight: 80/350 gr

Capacity: 1.6 / 7 Kg


SQ A 42s divisions

Weight: 40/170 gr

1.6 / 7 Kg


SQ A 120s divisions

Weight: 12/60 gr

Capacity: 1.6 / 7 Kg


SQ A 80 divisions

Weight: 40/200 gr

Capacity: 3/16 Kg


Each model is available in the Stainless Steel supplement, an accessory that will add quality to your square splitter.


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The automatic square dough divider is easy to use

Operation in 5 operating steps:

  1. Insert the product into the bowl;
  2. Set working times (pressed and cut);
  3. Close the cover;
  4. At the end of pressing and cutting operation, open the cover
  5. Extract the pieces cut and ready for use

The care of the machine

To ensure that your SQ A works best and long lasting, remember to periodically clean the machine thoroughly. You need water and soap, or neutral detergent for the stainless steel parts, then rinse abundantly and dry with a soft cloth. The same procedure is suitable for dishes made in PETG and parts of food polyethylene. Follow the directions in the supplied operating manual.

Lighten up your work with the SQ A Automatic square dough divider. Start now!

Additional information

Weight 100 kg

20, 30, 20m, 30m, 20s, 42s, 120s, 80