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Ballmatic B1000 ,rounding machine for pizza and bakery


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What is  Ballmatic ?

Ballmatic is a trademark registered range of machinery, designed for cutting, portioning and rounding off doughs for pizzerias and bakeries, while preserving its quality and consistency as if they were handmade.


Ballmatic B1000 Dough rounding Machine:

B1000 is a rounding machine for pizza and bread which is able to round off 20-1000 grams of dough’s pieces; all with a single machine, without having to change any component. Thanks to its limited dimensions, B1000 rounding machine can be stored even under a table after use.

Thanks to its easy of operation, this machine can be used also by unqualified and inexperienced personnel, that will only have to place dough’s portions into the machine…B1000 will do the rest!

B1000 is made in stainless steel AISI 304, the auger is made in pre-melted aluminum and the cylinder is made in plexiglass.

It meets all health and safety requirements.


Why should you choose B1000?

  • Thanks to the innovative internal ventilation system it does not heat or stress the dough
  • It is possible to round off from 20 to 1000 grams of dough’s portions with a single machine without changing any tool
  • The consistency and the characteristics of the dough remain unaltered
  • Being mounted on wheels, it can be easily placed everywhere
  • In view of the very small size, it can be placed even under a table at the end of work
  • Thanks to its easy operation, it can be used by completely inexperienced personnel
  • Thanks to its simple built-in mechanism, the maintenance operations can be carried out by a generic technician or by an electrician
  • It speeds up the rounding operations, coming up to 1800 dough balls per hour
  • It can be adapted to automatic cutting systems
  • It can be supplied with any voltage upon request
  • It is possible to customize the machine in several colors upon request

B1000 in numbers:

We have estimated that:

  • A medium-sized pizzeria in Italy, produces between 700 and 1000 pizzas per week; 4000 pizzas per month and 48000 pizzas per year.
  • A medium-sized pizzeria in USA, produces 1000 pizzas per day, 7000 pizzas per week, 30000 pizzas per month, 360000 pizzas per year.
  • A pizza chef with a constant speed workload, rounds off about 500 dough balls per hour.
  • B1000 Rounding Machine, when used at medium/slow speed, rounds off 1000 dough balls per hour and when it is used at fast speed, putting dough portions in two-second intervals, it can round off up to 1800 dough balls / hour.

Looking at the above mentioned numbers, with a B1000 Rounding Machine it is possible to spend up to one-third of the time spent by an operator.

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