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Crepes maker


Additional Info

The Crepes maker countertop is ideal for fast food and can not miss in your room. Satisfy the palate of those who choose a snack during a walk or a lunch on the fly for those who are always on the go.

The perfect machine for sweet and savory crepes

It is made of an external stainless steel structure and is compact, suitable for all spaces. No bulge and no boss. The hob is made of chromed cast iron for optimum thermal distribution, guaranteed by adequate power resistors.

It is equipped with:

  • midstick control;
  • adjustable feet in height;
  • available with smooth top.

The crepes plate is a quality product made according to all applicable hygiene and safety standards.

What to do to buy the professional crepes maker?

Put the right equipment for hot gastronomy, bars and kitchens into the basket. Add the packing for your chosen car and spare parts and optionals. If you need more machines to provide your customers with an excellent service level, indicate the number that matches your request. Then, click the “Buy” button.

There is still some information on the properties and measurements of the crepes maker countertop

Technical features

Resistance: W2000 / V230 Hz50.

Cooking plate: Ø cm. 35.

Diameter and footprint: cm. 35.

Height: cm. 13.5.

Weight: Kg. 10.

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Additional information

Weight 30 kg

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