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Manual loader for deck oven


Additional Info

With manual loader for deck oven, no more problems of space !

This system was studied for simplify operation of loading/unloading of bread in deck oven .

Thanks to this loader , the baker will be able to save time ….without any effort !

Thanks to a costant study, with manual loader , all operations of loading and unloading of bread will be made by only one person, in a few steps .

Manual loader for deck oven , what are the benefits :

  • Space saving , when the operator finish his work ,the loader it will be placed in rest position, at the top of oven.
  • Save time ,employes and loaders with canvas ( you’ll need only of one)
  • Available for all brands of deck oven,
  • Simple to install
  • It supplied with loader with canvas

Additional information

Weight 200 kg