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Manual square dough divider



Additional Info

SQ M is the manual square dough divider that cuts a piece of raw dough  into smaller parts of the same shape and size. It is a mechanical handling machine that performs its pressing, cutting and cleaning functions thanks to the levers. It is produced in Italy, according to current EC regulations.

The maual square dough divider si available in 2 models

Choose the right machine for your needs, depending on how many cuts you make (divergence) you want.

SQ M 20

Weight: 80/350 gr

Capacity: 7 Kg

SQ M 42

Weight: 40/170 gr

Capacity: 7 Kg

Add the accessory to have a higher quality equipment

Version Stainless Steel supplement

SQ M technical data

Dimensions: 655x1085x730 mm.

Weight: 150 Kg.

Power supply: connection in 400 Volt 50 Hz 3 phases.

How to use the manual square dough divider

  1. 1. Insert the product into the bowl.
  2. 2. Close the cover.
  3. 3. Use the press and cut levers.
  4. 4. Manually open the cover.
  5. 5. Remove the pieces of cut dough.

How to clean your equipment

Ensure the durable operation of your SQ M machine with a regular cure of internal and external parts. For stainless steels, painted coatings, polyethylene PE500 and PETG plates are processed in 3 simple steps.

Use water and soap, or neutral detergent.

Rinse abundantly.

Dry with a soft cloth.

Along with the manual cutter, a user manual is provided with all the instructions necessary for correct and trouble-free operation.

Putting SQ M in the cart is simple!

Select the SQ M model based on the number of cuts you want to get and choose whether to add the accessory. Proceed now!


Additional information

Weight 100 kg

20, 42