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Panettone Cooling rack , hanging rack ROTOPAN



Additional Info

Rotopan panettone cooling RACK is a new solution for saving time on panettone processing .

New rack for panettone making , from dough processing to final cooling .

Available for all brands of rotative oven

Complete with special trays for lock panettone . (7-8 trays , depends on size of rack)

What is Rotopan panettone cooling rack :

Rotopan panettone cooling Rack, is a revolutionary system ,that allows a single operator to carry out all the processing of the panettone,  from cooking to turning over for cooling .

The paper cup is blocked in the special tray at the beginning of the process . The dough can leavening and cook directly from the tray , drastically reducing working times !

Why buy a ROTOPAN rack ?

  • One man can do the whole process, from cooking to tipping
  • Safe and quick tipping system! in fact, with just one move, it is possible to flip up to 60 panettone at once
  • It is possible to build it to measure, adaptable to your rotor oven
  • All racks will be equipped with special trays complete with lock system for paper cups

How to order a ROTOPAN  rack :

  • Tell us brand and model of your oven
  • Dimensions of trays of your actual oven
  • Diameter of paper cups you want to use ( or weight of product you want to make)

Thanks to this new system , from today , a single operator will be able to produce hundreds panettones , pandulce ot other leavened products that required turning over for cooling.

It is possible to see Rotopan rack in action in this video :

Contact us for have a custom offer for have one or plus Roropan racks for your oven.

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Weight 60 kg