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Perforated alluminium pizza board in shovel


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Discover our version of the perforated aluminum pizza peel, ideal for handling, baking, and removing pizzas by the meter or on a peel with ease and precision. Made from perforated aluminum with a 5 mm diameter hole, this peel combines lightness and strength, offering a practical and professional solution for your pizzeria.

Main Features:

  • Material: Perforated food-grade aluminum, with 5 mm diameter perforation and side edging for added strength
  • Dimensions: Standard sizes 40×60 and 40×80; custom sizes available on request. Also available with micro-perforation
  • Perforation: Designed to reduce weight and facilitate flour discharge, ensuring even cooking
  • Usage: Perfect for spreading, baking, turning, and removing pizzas by the meter and on a peel in electric ovens

Why buy a Starpizza pizza peel?

  • Efficiency: The perforation allows easier handling of flour and better pizza cooking
  • Practicality: Lightweight construction for prolonged use without fatigue
  • Versatility: Ideal for pizzerias offering pizzas by the meter and on a peel, ensuring fast and professional preparation

With this perforated aluminum peel, we have devised a simple, economical, yet very robust solution for working with pizza by the meter or on a peel.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

40×60, 40×80

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