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Pizza slice banner in pvc with support


Additional Info

Do you want to invite more people to enter your pizzeria? Use the pizza pvc pizza banner, which will attract more and more new customers to your club. Beautiful to see and practice to position … ideal for restaurants, bars and sandwich shops.

Discover the features of the pvc light pizza banner

The product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is equipped with a pedestal from the ground. The structure is comfortable and light to be moved effortlessly. Furthermore, the quality of the materials guarantees the product in the long term.

When it comes to a made in Italy craftsmanship, the details make the difference:

PVC construction;

digital double-sided printing with opaque lamination;

weather resistant materials;

extractable sign from the pedestal;

Technical data

Height: 177 cm.

Width: 60 cm.

Pedestal weight: 25 Kg

Weight of the slice of pizza: 6 kg.

The accessories that give visibility to your pizza shop

Put in the cart the options that add functionality to the slice of pizza in pvc with pedestal. The accessories are all removable and make it easier to use the product.

  1. The custom arrow with the name of the room increases visibility and clearly indicates where to find you. The galvanized iron support is included.
  2. The lighting structure including 2 outdoor LED spotlights that highlights the sign. By placing the spotlights in the lower part of the structure, you will illuminate the entire slice of pizza.
  3. 2 models available (viewable from the image gallery)

Buy the pizza banner in pvc and select the accessories to add. Proceed now!

Additional information

Weight 55 kg

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