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Potato peeler in stainless steel


Additional Info

STAINLESS STEEL POTATO PEELER PPN/PPF – It is a machine for peeling potatoes and carrots. Its structure is made in stainless steel – the upper lid is made in transparent food-safe policarbate – it is equipped with safety miscroswitches over the upper lid and on the outlet pipe – button for the ejection of the food product – timer 0÷4 minutes – automatic jet of water to favour the elimination of the cleaning residues – an extractable abrasive plate is included as standard (PTA for 5-10-18Kg, PTB for 25Kg). The side abrasive is standard only for model PPN-PPF/25. The model PPN5 is suitable to be used on a bench-top.


Fimar potato peeler accessories :

  • Stainless steel stand CI (standard on models PPF/5-10-18)
  • Stainless steel stand CB (standard on model PPF/25)
  • Abrasive plate PTA (standard on models PPN-PPF/5-10-18)
  • Abrasive plate PTB (standard on model PPN-PPF/25)
  • Abrasive plate PAB (only for models PPN-PPF/5-10-18)
  • Centrifuge bucket CCV (only for models PPN-PPF/10-18)
  • Drawer with stainless steel filter CCF (only for models PFF)
  • Side abrasive (excepted for model PPF-PPN/5)

Additional information

Weight 50 kg

PPF 5 KG deck model, PPF 5KG floor model, PPF 10 KG floor model, PPF 10 KG floor model with support, PPF 18 KG floor model, PPF 18 KG floor model with support, PPF 25 KG floor model, PPF 25 KG floor model with support

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