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Semiautomatic double cut divider



Additional Info

The semiautomatic double cut divider, divides raw dough into smaller parts, of shape and weight, depending on the model. The working cycle provides for a pressed and a cutting step that takes place through a double acting cylinder. The functions of the SQ 2T SA are carried out by a joystick, which allows the single-pressed, pressed cutting and blade cleaning phase. In addition, a selector for the cutting type is available.

Simple and fast, for professional use also by unskilled personnel.

Choose the model of the semiautomatic double cut divider

Choose SQ 2T To 10/20 to get 10 or 20 divisions.

Weight: from 300 to 1,800 g / from 150 to 900 gr.

Capacity: 18 Kg.

Choose SQ 2T To 12/24 to get 12 or 24 divisions.

Weight: from 250 to 1,500 g / from 130 to 750 gr.

Capacity: 18 Kg.

Choose SQ 2T To 15/30 to get 15 or 30 divisions.

Weight: 200 to 1200 gr / 100 to 600 gr.

Capacity: 18 Kg.

The accessory that adds quality to your equipment.

Version Stainless Steel supplement.

Buy now SQ 2T SA and speed up your work.

Continue reading more details on the machine for a more conscious purchase.

Technical notes

The semi-automatic dough divider with double cut is hydraulic handling and is produced in Italy with high quality materials to guarantee the safety and robustness of the equipment. SQ 2T SA is manufactured according to the current CE regulations.

How to cure the machine

Stainless steel, varnished coatings, PE500 polyethylene and PETG can be cleaned with soap and neutral detergent. Then, rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. We recommend that you periodically clean the semi-automatic double cut cutter to ensure proper operation and longer life. Follow the instructions in the User’s Manual.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg

10-20, 15-30