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Semiautomatic dough divider with grids


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The semi-automatic dough divider with grid is the hydraulic handling machine that cuts raw dough in smaller parts, of shape and weight, depending on the model. It’s easy to use and optimizes your time.

SQG SA has a joystick that performs the following functions:

just pressed,

pressed with cutting

the cleaning of the knives

It also has a selector to set two types of pressure, one high and one low.

All machines are supplied with 400 Volt 50 Hz three phase electrical connection. On request, you can do different tensions.

Choose the ideal equipment in the bakery and pastry sector.

3 available models of 20 divisions


Weight: 150/800 gr.

Capacity: 3/16 Kg.


Weight: 150/800 gr.

Capacity: 3/16 Kg.

SQG SA 20 medium

Weight: 150/1000 gr.

Capacity: 3/20 Kg

Accessories that add quality to your purchase

Choose the grid for the SQG cutter to have a further splitting of the dough in other formats. How many divisions?

Then put the “Stainless Steel version supplement” into your cart and you’ll be even more satisfied.

How does the semiautomatic dough divider with grid work?

The work cycle takes place in 5 steps:

  1. Insert the product into the bowl;
  2. close the cover;
  3. Use the joystick for press and cut phases;
  4. open the cover manually;
  5. Remove the pieces of cut dough.

Use tips

Optimizes pressing operations by flattening abundantly both inside the tank and over the product. In this way you will facilitate the distribution of the dough in the bowl and in the cutting phase the pieces obtained will be well separated from each other.

Take care of your SQG SA machine. The semi-automatic grinder cutter will work longer with careful periodic cleaning of the outside and inside parts. For example, for stainless steel components and for PETG dishes, use water and soap (or neutral detergent), then rinse and dry with a soft cloth. For the rest, follow the directions in the user guide.


The machine is manufactured in Italy and is guaranteed according to the current EC regulations.

Grids available for this machine:

Additional information

Weight 100 kg

20, 20medium


Rectangular, Square


Yes, no grid