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Spezzatrice arrotondatrice 3/4 automatica


Additional Info

Use the semiautomatic dough divider rounder to cut a piece of raw pasta into small pieces and make dough balls for your bakery products. Within seconds, the machine forms pasta balls, thanks to an oscillating plate that rolls each piece and creates them of the same weight and shape.

This is a hydraulic handling machine, which has 2 cylinders for the pressed phase and a

cutting cylinder. It is equipped with a control panel for adjusting the compression and opening time of the forming chamber. The rounding phase is done by means of a lever. Semiautomatic dough divider rounder machine  is manufactured in Italy with materials complying with the current CE regulations.

Technical features

  • pressed and automated cutting;
  • 3 plates supplied;
  • cleaning knives knives;
  • 10 programs available;
  • multilingual option;
  • frame, coverings, tubs and stainless steel knives.
  • standard power supply: connection in 400 Volt 50 Hz 3 phases;
  • machine dimension: 605x1420x660 mm;
  • weight: 230 Kg.

How to Use semiautomatic dough divider rounder in 5 Steps

  1. 1. Insert the plate manually;
  2. 2. Set the working times for the press and opening of the chamber;
  3. 3. press the Start button;
  4. 4. Actuate the rounding lever;
  5. 5. Remove the plate with the shaped balls.

Periodic cleaning of the machine

Use soapy water or detergent to clean your SPA A, then rinse abundantly and dry with a soft cloth. Proper care of the rounding cutter guarantees its long life and smooth operation.

Semiautomatic dough divider rounder is available in 8 models

semiautomatic dough divider rounder

Dimensions :

spezzatrice arrotondatrice semiautomatica dimensioni

The accessories

  1. 1. Plate for rounding cutter
  2. 2. Stainless Steel version supplement



Additional information

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