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Spiral mixer with fixed head 2500



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The ideal solution for small, medium and large productions is the 2500 fixed head spiral mixer. It is a professional machine suitable for bakeries, pizzerias and pastry shops.

It’s practical and functional for your pasta processing needs, find out now.

The spiral mixer 2500 in details

It is a professional tool made in Italy, designed and maintained with the utmost care of materials and working mechanisms. Practicality and electronic technology are the perfect combination for a product that can make a difference in your work.

The most important features:

Double Timer for electronic speed control whip speeds.

2 gear motors: two speeds for the whip, 1 speed for the tank.

3 active and passive protection mechanisms for absolute safety during the machining, cleaning and maintenance phases.

The machine is manufactured according to the current hygiene and safety regulations.

The model of the spiral mixer 2500

S60 – capacity 90 liters

Width: 58 cm.

Depth: 105 cm.

Height: 113 cm.

Weight: 275 Kg.

S90 – 135 liter capacity

Width: 73 cm.

Depth: 120 cm.

Height: 120 cm.

Weight: 320 Kg.

What do you have to do to buy the spiral mixer?

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  1. Bath capacity: 90 Lt or 135 Lt.
  2. Speed: 2 on whip or 1 on pot
  3. Engine (voltage): three phase V.400

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Additional information

Weight 105 kg

135 Lt, 90Lt