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Spiral mixer with fixed head 3000



Additional Info

The spiral mixer with fixed head 3000 is the professional machine for processing small and medium quantities of dough. Designed with the advice of pizza makers, it is the high quality product, ideal for pizzerias and bakeries. Find out the most important features now.

The spiral mixer with fixed head 3000 series in detail

It is a spiral mixer with fixed head that allows the homogeneous processing of the dough, with an optimum level of moisture guaranteed by the high number of whiplashes. It is compact and elegant, suitable for all types of space, as well as being durable and silent. In style, it adds the technology of the electronic control board, with a convenient and accessible control panel on the front of the head. Even cleaning operations are simpler thanks to the shaping of each of its parts.

Do not stop here, find out all the details that make it a top product.

The technical features

  • Steel structure.
  • Dual oil bath gearmotor for independent rotation of the tank from the whip.
  • Double speed of the whip.
  • Inverting the rotation of the bowl allowing for better mixing of the dough at the beginning of its processing, increasing oxygenation.
  • Emptying facilitated by rotating the tank with manual control button.
  • Whip multirotation
  • Robust splits adjustable dough in height and distance from the whip.
  • Wrapping rolls guide the pot to prevent the bowl from falling.
  • Stainless steel pot grill with anti-slip system.
  • Front opening for adding ingredients.
  • Side locks on the base to make the machine stable during operation.
  • Folding wheels in the frame for convenient and quick positioning under workbenches or other spaces.
  • Electrical system with low voltage controls, motor thermal protection and mushroom emergency switch.

How do you buy the 3000 fixed head spiral mixer?

Just a few simple clicks to put your professional gear in your cart. Here are the steps to proceed with the purchase.

  1. Select the bowl capacity: 40Lt or 50Lt.
  2. Add the security pack.
  3. Click on the Buy button.

If you’re still reading, here are the measurements of this machine

Technical details

Model 3000 / S38 – Capacity 40Lt

Bowl diameter: 45 cm

Bowl height: 26 cm

Spiral Diameter: 25 mm

V.400 Three Phase Engine

Width: 49 cm

Depth: 80 cm

Height: 75 cm

Weight; 121 Kg.

Model 3000 / S42 – Capacity 50Lt

Bowl diameter: 50 cm

Bowl height: 27 cm

Spiral Diameter: 30 mm

V.400 Three Phase Engine

Width: 53 cm

Depth: 83 cm

Height: 75 cm

Weight: 126 Kg.

Now that you have all the numbers, put the mixer in your cart that will improve your work. Proceed now!


Additional information

Weight 50 kg

40 Lts, 50Lts