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Vegetable washer LAV


Additional Info

Vegetable washer LAV is a machine that washes and centrifuges vegetables and fruit. Its structure is made in stainless steel, with an upper lid in transparent food-safe polycarbonate. It is equipped with a safety switch over the lid, a drawer filter and a filter on the bowl drain, both removable.

The drain pump can be inspected by outside – 2 speeds three-phase motor, one speed for the washing and one for the centrifuge. With the vegetables washer it is possible to choose two washing cycles and three endurance times for each cycle. It has the “dry” button for manual centrifuge.

Load capacity: up to 4 Kgs of vegetable pieces and up to 1,5 Kgs of leafy vegetable.


Vegetable washer LAV, technical characteristics :

vegetable washer

Additional information

Weight 55 kg

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