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Sourdough, from its birth to the professional generator

April 2, 2021

It is an ancient story that concerns the sourdough. In fact, it is necessary to make a leap into the past, around 2000 a.c., when in Egypt, under the scorching heat, a raw piece of dough was left for unleavened bread. The unexpected surprise was to see the piece start to ferment and grow in size. Once cooked, the final result was a decidedly light, fragrant bread with an excellent flavor.


What do we know about sourdough? Also known as mother or sourdough, it is a mixture of water, flour and an activating agent containing simple sugars. Yeasts and bacteria attack the activator and flour sugars. Specific enzymes convert the sugary substances present in the flour and in the fermentation activator into acids, alcohol and aromatic substances. This is how the birth of the natural leaven takes place.

How to do it at home? The first step is to introduce in a jar of sugary food like honey, yogurt and water (not rich in mineral salts, yes to sparkling water). Just cover everything with gauze, so as to allow the bacteria to enter and start feeding. Every day the yeast will be cooled by adding water and flour in a ratio of 1 to 1. Once the yeast has reached the degree of acidity that you prefer – it can only take a week – the jar will be covered and stored in the fridge. An ideal paste has sour taste and smell, a soft consistency, a fine alveolation and a non-sticky dough.


There are many pre-bread making methods for sourdough. For example, you can take all the yeast, choose the amount of bread you want to cook, add at this point the amount of flour and water we need, let rise about 8 hours, remove a piece of sourdough from put away and proceed with baking. Remember to remember that the yeast must be constantly taken care of and never abandoned.


Pizzerias, bakeries and pastry shops obviously have different needs compared to home productions. In this regard, not everyone knows the natural leaven processor generator, a useful tool available in four different capacities. Why use it? First of all to overcome the competition, offer customers a different pizza from the others with a genuine and soft dough and a better taste. In this way, you will always have the sourdough ready to use, renewable simply by adding water and flour. Once the natural leaven has been used, it will be possible to regenerate it and get it available in just 8 hours.


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