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Tag: dough for white bread direct method 

Michette, recipe of the typical bread of Milan

The michette are bread rolls, very popular in Northern Italy and in the Canton of Ticino (Switzerland), with a round shape and a weight that, generally, ranges from a minimum of 50 to a maximun of 90 grams. Unmissable companions for hiker’s picnic and trips out of town, once cooked the michette can be stuffed […]

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Rosettes , recipe of Italian bread par excellence!

Sisters of the michette bread rolls, the rosettes are very common bread rolls in Northern Italy, particularly in the province of Milan, where they say that rosettes are born during the period of the Austro-Hungarian domination. The rosettes are so called because, unlike the michette bread rolls, they are not engraved with the razor blade, […]

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White bread loaf with direct method

The white bread loaf with direct method, also known as bread stick or lunghino bread, is one of the most well-known basic leavened products, and loved by customers, of the bakery. It is prepared by directly mixing water, white flour type 00, salt and yeast, so it does not require the preparation in advance of […]

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