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About Us 

To become a true STAR of PIZZA, rely on STARPIZZA:

Italians Do It Better!!

Starpizza was established in 2014, but its founders have twenty years experience in the restaurant industry, specifically pastry, bakery and especially pizza. Pizza is the reason why Starpizza was founded: it is the flagship food of Italy in the world, one of the best expressions of the concept of Made in Italy. Simple and sophisticated at the same time, be it a classic Margherita or a pizza with Alba white truffle, pizza making is an art that only a few can master.

Starpizza is a portal where pizza professionals and lovers alike can find advice, recipes and of course first-class equipment, to improve their skills and delight more customers.

Think of who, today, suffer the most diverse food allergies and are forced to give up on this food because pizzerias are not yet familiar with concepts like gluten free, organic or vegan cuisine.

Starpizza- Who are we

Starpizza’s site, as said above, is operational since 2014, and was mainly made as a simple way to resell equipment not just for pizza-places but also for those who deal with baking and catering. We have suppliers who have passed a severe selection and the result is the presence of prestigious brands, such as: Fornitalia, Fimar, IGF, PizzaGroup, Cuppone, Everlasting and much more, strictly Made in Italy and at their original price, without intermediaries, with many and easy methods of payment and shipment. Pizza is that food that most represents Italy in the world: it’s true, every nation has its own (and Americans even claim the paternity of this food), but everyone agrees that only in the Belpaese you eat the true pizza. The strength of this site is exactly to help the pizza-maker to increase his customer, providing him secured and italian equipment, and we have succeeded in this, thanks to our staff.

Starpizza- Our mission

Starpizza is evolving: the target set by the staff is more and more ambitious. After becoming one of the biggest supplier for professionals from the sector of pizza, who have the guarantee to buy fully Made in Italy products and equipment for pizza, plus at their original prices (meaning there are no intermediaries), the mission is to provide to those working in the field, and to those who love pizza, a portal in which we will continue to find excellent equipment, and that provides useful advices to increase the business, such as new recipes. We tried with the “Pizzaricetta” E-book: a book, both in paper and digital version, in which there are the most important recipes and all the secrets to do a pizza, in addition to some background history and the roots of this so loved food, by italians and foreigners. Furthermore, for those who love extravagant and specific (such as gluten free or vegan) american recipes, there is a measure conversion system, USA-Italy, and some advices that ensure success in the making of the pizza. And don’t forget about the organic subject, dough’s problems and many ideas about the dressing. Pizzaricetta’s success inspired Starpizza to open up to everyone with a Blog, in which can be found useful informations about pizza, a space dedicated to announcements and, especially, a forum where everyone can ask questions and give answers about Italy’s best known food. It’s no coincidence that our motto is “Italians do it Better”

Starpizza- What can be found in the site

  • An online shop that provides daily shipment throughout Italy, Europe and the rest of the world;
  • A blog dedicated to pizza, with useful advices and suggestions on the subject;
  • A Forum where you can post advertisements about pizza and pizza-places;
  • A site of technical telephone consultancy BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER the sale, with the possibility of technical support;
  • Leader in pizza-place area and in catering’s equipment, Made in Italy;
  • Our motto? “Italians Do It Better!!”

Starpizza- Customer Service

The legitimate claim of many professionals in the catering field is given by the lack of physical points of sale on the territory: Starpizza compensate this flaw thanks to the amazing Customer Service. Our staff is able to satisfy any doubt, guarantee technical telephone consultancy by means of prepared and competent operators and above all follow the customer BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER the purchase, whether it’s for professional needs,  whether it’s for a little pizza-place, whether it’s for someone who cooks pizza as a hobby. Our consultants will be able to direct every single person towards one’s more suitable need for catering’s accessory or equipment, with different and, above all, very easy methods of payment. We would like to point out that the equipment sold on Starpizza are Made in Italy and sold at their original prices, without intermediaries. The customer can choose between different methods of payment and shipment of the merchandise, and have the assistance of our Customer Service in every step of its purchase.

Visit our site and comfortably buy online everything you need.

To become a true STAR of PIZZA, rely on STARPIZZA:
Italians Do It Better!!