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Manual round dough divider



Additional Info

Use the manual round dough divider to cut the dough into pieces of shape and equal weight. The ST M is the mechanical handling machine equipped with levers, which presses, cuts and cleans the knives, in a practical and fast way.

How many divisions do you want to get from your piece of dough?

Choose between 2 models of manual dough divider

ST M – 16 divisions

Weight: 190/1200 gr.

Capacity: 20 Kg.

ST M – 20  divisions

Weight: 150/1000 gr.

Capacity: 20 Kg.

ST M – 24  divisions

Weight: 130/830 gr.

Capacity: 20 Kg.

Optional: Stainless Steel version supplement

Technical data

Connection in 400 Volt 50 Hz 3 phases. On request you may have different tensions.

Dimensions: 655 x 1085 x 730.

Weight: 150Kg.

Using the manual round dough divider is easy, read on to find out more.

The cycle of work in 5 phases

  1. 1. Insert the product into the bowl.
  2. 2. Close the cover.
  3. 3. Use the levers to press and cut.
  4. 4. Manually open the cover.
  5. 5. Remove the pieces of cut dough.

The care of the machine

Periodically take care of the divider machine for optimal and long-lasting operation. An operating manual is provided with precise instructions on cleaning internal and external parts.

An easy and quick tip to clean stainless steels, painted coatings and PETG plates. Use water and soap (or neutral detergent), then rinse abundantly and dry with a soft cloth.

Now proceed with the purchase and put in your hand the manual round dough divider.


Additional information

Weight 100 kg

16, 20