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Pizza Fork Mixer FC Serie


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Additional Info

The Pizza fork mixer is the perfect tool for delicate mixing. The FC series is ideal for pizzerias , bakery and pastry workshops.

The shape of the tool and the bowl makes it easy to prepare unheated and well-oxygenated doughs for end-quality products.

Pizza fork mixer made in Italy

Configure the machine according to your needs. Select:

  1. Dough capacity: 25 Kg – 35 Kg – 60 Kg – 80 Kg
  2. Engine: Single Phase (M), Three Phase (T), Double Speed Phase (D)

Technical detail of the FC series

  • Bowl, fork and tool holder shaft in stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel tank protection for FC25 and FC35 models.
  • Stainless steel grid for FC60 and FC80 models.
  • Rotating parts mounted on ball bearings.
  • Independent speed reduction system for bowl and fork.
  • Steel frame.
  • Electrical system and safety devices according to EC regulations.

Put the pizza fork mixer  in your shopping cart and match the optional: the bowl scraper

In depth technical data

Model F25

Flour Capacity: 16 Kg.

Bowl Volume: 30 It.

Machine weight: 140 Kg.

The model is available in the 3 motor versions.

Model F35

Flour Capacity: 23 Kg.

Bowl Volume: 40 It.

Machine weight: 145 Kg.

The model is available in the 3 motor versions.

Model F60

Flour Capacity: 40Kg.

Bowl Volume: 70 It.

Machine weight: 240 Kg.

The model is available in the 3 motor versions.

Model F80

Flour Capacity: 53Kg

Bowl Volume: 93 It.

Machine weight: 290 Kg.

The model is available in 3 motor versions

Additional information

Weight 75 kg

25kgs, 35kgs, 60kgs, 80kgs


Single Phase, 3phases, 3phases with 2 speed