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Pizza Rounder Ballmatic 1000 de Luxe Serie

Limited quantity. At the moment the production is 20 pieces per year.


Additional Info

The pizza rounder Ballmatic 1000  is now available in a new version: The de Luxe serie

How does the B1000 differ from the de Luxe model?

For this model we have done a restyling, redesigning the body and giving it more rounded shapes.

Furthermore , the pizza rounder Ballmatic 1000 de Luxe  can be customized with colors upon customer request .In fact , when ordering , it will be possible to communicate the RAL of the preferred color and , upon request , to have the logo or image of your company applied instead of the Ballmatic logo .

The technical characteristics however remain unchanged:

  • Dough weight that the machine can round off: from 30 to 1000 grams
  • Workable hydrations: from 55 to 60% in the version with normal spiral and from 61 to 75% in the version with spiral with non-stick coating
  • Hourly production : up to 1800 balls per hour
  • Machine weight : 72 kgs
  • Voltage: 230V 50HZ single-phase (other voltages can be installed on request)
  • The Ballmatic 1000 de Luxe pizza rounder is currently produced in a limited number of 20 units per year. Please contact us before ordering to check availability

Additional information

Weight 80 kg