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Retarder proofer for baking racks


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Decreasing working hours at night and on public holidays in the bakery sector, in pizzerias and pastry shops while ensuring excellent quality of the finished product – sometimes superior to traditional systems – is now possible thanks to the retarder-proofer or controlled leavening proofer. This useful tool is characterized by extreme flexibility of use. But let’s find out something more.


There are four phases concerning the operation of this instrument. It starts with the killing: once inside the cell, the bread is brought to a temperature of -5 ° to block the fermentation process. The temperature can be lowered to -10 °. The conservation follows: after reaching the abatement temperature, the cell is brought to a temperature that will guarantee its conservation for a maximum of 72 hours or between 2 ° and 8 °. Then there is the awakening: the temperature, between 8 ° and 13 °, will allow the product to be slowly thawed. Finally, the leavening: at the end of this phase, the product can be fired.

These retarder proofer, made of modular panels covered in sheet metal, have the floor made of insulated panels and polyurethane. They are also equipped with a control panel from simple programming, with touch screen panel and convenient icons for intuitive use. Do not miss the possibility to set custom programs. Also present a synoptic panel to always display the status of the processing cycle, while the menu is available in several languages.

Finally, thanks to Resistance Boilers, steam is delivered precisely and quickly.


For small and large bakeries, this tool means being able to take advantage of many advantages: better product quality, reduced labor and costs, better organization, less use of leavening and additives and a lower external impact of the climatic effects on the product .

Retarder proofer – standard model list

We make custom-made cells – for off-market dimensions contact us for a quote

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1 door 1 rack 40×60, 1 door 2 racks 40×60, 1 door 4 racks 40×60, 1 door 2 racks 46×66, 2 doors 2 racks 46×66, 1 door 1 racks 45×75, 1 door 2 racks 45×75, 2 doors 2 racks 45×75, 2 doors 4 racks 45×75, 1 door 2 racks 50×70, 2 doors 2 racks 50×70, 2 doors 4 racks 50×70, 1 door 1 rack 60×80, 1 door 2 racks 60×80, 2 doors 2 racks 60×80, 2 doors 4 racks 60×80, 2 doors 6 racks 60×80, 1 door 2 racks 80×80, 2 doors 2 racks 80×80, 2 doors 4 racks 80×80